Self Acceptance

The month of April proved personally very expansive for me. The visceral pain of the first few months of 2019 eased, and new experiences abounded. The cards felt clearer, stronger, truer, and the guidance from my tribe felt fluid, aligned aware.

My son and I settled into our new place, and having my things about me again brought a great deal of ease to my Taurus heart, as well.


As May began however, I felt a swirling of old patterns in my brain, a longing to cling to what is comfortable for my patterns, instead of being open to something new and different.

This has brought me to an examination of how I experience and express love. Instead of my usual patterning though, I am approaching this current exploration with self acceptance. No railing against my perceived imperfections, or trying to make sense of how fallible I am when I approach this very touchy subject. I am offering myself love and understanding, compassion. As I flail about looking for a sense of security, of connection outside of myself, as we all do at times.

When we choose to be kind to our self, and our ego, then we can let go of the gut reaction need to control our circumstances. Fighting our self helps nothing. Being gentle, yet firm with our inner being assists us in releasing an old, untrue pattern, and into the freedom to just be present to every experience.

Sometimes we have to understand when we choose to abuse our self. When we push our face back into the beehive of pain and old stories. Understanding lets us stop the cycle, instead of continuing to self flagellate, or view ourselves as unworthy, broken. Sometimes another person can hold a hand out to us, and help us to remember our beauty, and our fragility.

If you are reading this today, this post is that hand held out for you, dear one.

You are so worthy, and so loved. Stepping back into an unhealthy behavior pattern does not condemn you. You have not failed. Allow yourself to shine brightly, for YOU. You are safe, and you are not alone. Now you can start to pick yourself up off of the floor, and be held by the Divine. You are safe.

Happy May peeps!

With You Always on This Journey Called Life,

Raecine Ardis

Photography on this post is by Raecine Ardis Wilkinson, all rights reserved.



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