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My journey into the path of a Priestess and Seer started from infancy. I was born into an environment rife with fanatic religious cult energy, and powerful yet stifled, artistic passion. My childhood, and choice of parents, allowed me to interact with energies from  a multitude of other realms as a means of survival.

These relationships allowed me to endure abusive and intense formative years, and allowed me to share messages and knowledge with other individuals I came into contact with along the way.

In 2009 I left the religion my parents raised me in, and began to truly forge my own path as a solitary witch and pagan. Through that journey, I came into contact with my first teacher, Stacey Gibbons, a shamanic reiki master teacher, Forrest yoga instructor, and powerful psychic medium and priestess.

Through years of studying shamanism with Stacey, I began to find my voice as a psychic medium, reiki master teacher, and priestess.  I began seeing clients for tarot readings in 2010, and the rest as they say, is history. Teachers along the way have included Alana Fairchild and Noreen McDonald. These trainings have allowed me to hone my gifts, and hold space with reverence, responsibility and honor for my clients and community.

In 2011 I started a Youtube channel called OwlMoon513, with the hopes of assisting in-person tarot students, in my local community of Wolfeboro, NH, USA, to recall with ease all that Stacey and I had taught them in our Tarot 101 Workshops, and my channel and practice has grown in ways I never could have imagined since then.

I am now a full time healer and priestess in the Lakes Region of NH, USA. My in-person and online practice brings deep fulfillment to my spiritual path, which blossoms and grows daily.

I work with archetypes and deity, as well as deceased loved ones to bring clarity, love, compassion, and a sense of purpose to my clients own personal paths.

Much Love and Many Blessings to you on your journey!

-Raecine Ardis Wilkinson

October 2018


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