The Star

I’ve looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all

-excerpt Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell


As we approach the Midwinter Solstice, the witch’s sabbat of Yule, it seems only appropriate to pause for a moment from the usual blog title choices and share some thoughts on the Major Arcana card, the Star.


The Star is fitting because we are celebrating the return of the Sun/Son during Yule. We pause and take the time to honor our chosen deity and to honor the return of more light as we pass through the shortest day of the year and start the movement on the wheel of the year towards longer days and rebirth.

The balance of Yule has always struck me quite forcibly. While we are celebrating the return of the light, we are physically moving through the shortest period of actual light from our Sun, the darkest time. Is it only through the contrast of darkness that we can experience the hope of light? Does the darkness provide enough respite for our rebirth to be fully immersed, fully experienced before we are shot yet again out of the cosmic womb, remade, reborn? In any event, we choose hope and faith and trust to move us through the stillness and sleepiness of short days into the slow, yet inevitable shift of longer days, and general busyness.

This lines up beautifully with the Major Arcana tarot card, The Star. When we interact with the energy of the Star, we choose to step into the centered, neutral, calm energy of the stars in the night sky. I have always imagined the stars above us as calm, patient observers, watching with clear, shining sight. We step out of the upheaval of the Tower and into this powerful, ancient energy when we call upon the Star, or when she calls upon us.

We choose to believe in the goodness of life, in the innate light that lives within ourselves, and we choose trust in faith, hope, and life itself. We let this active choice moves us into a new experience, a new story if you will.

I find more and more as I get older, and the years of working with the Tarot accumulate, that this card offers us so much to learn about believing in the Light that exists in us all. That it is not just out there, above us, but actually within us as well, even when we are in the darkest place we could be. We are an integral part of that Light. When we choose to believe in that worthiness, in that intrinsic goodness, we experience growth and goodness from that sacred space.

How gentle, yet powerful to look ahead with hope and know that everything will in the end be alright, and that everything that is supposed to happen will happen.

Let’s choose together, as we await the longer days of sunshine and warmth, as we trust that they are coming even when its pitch black at 4pm here is snowy New England, to find the goodness in ourselves, each other, and each and every experience. The Sun will and is returning and we are breathing, opening and learning through each and every experience.

Didn’t you know dear one that you deserve the light, that you are the light and the light returns to you?

Blessed Winter Solstice, Blessed Yule and Happy Holidays.

Love Always,










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